Terms of Service

Welcome to ZEWADARE

The Zewadare service, website and/or software application (collectively, the “Service”) enables you to own a zero wallet balance website where you and your users can purchase internet data bundles. You and your users may also use your supported mobile money wallet, bank account or credit card to fund the Zewadare wallet to pay for products and services offered by third parties (“Products”) of the Service. The Service is operated by IBK Infotech Global Solutions Ltd (IBK Infotech), subject to these Terms of Service (“Terms”).

Terms of service (v1.0.0)

This is a contract. These Terms constitute a contract between you and IBK Infotech Global Solutions Ltd. You may not use the Service if you do not accept these Terms. By using any part of the Service you accept these Terms.

You must register an account with valid information. To use the Service, you must: (a) provide a valid mobile phone number and email address; (b) agree to the creation of an account associated with such number and email; (c) accept the present Terms; and (d) submit such other and additional information as Zewadare may request. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted by Zewadare during the account registration process. You will be required to provide secure login credentials for purposes of using your account. You are responsible for keeping your login credentials safe.

Set Up Fee

The Service shall be set up after the payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE set-up fee is received. This fee may vary from time to time as determined by the current market conditions.


There shall be an annual renewal fee for the Service as would be determined by IBK Infotech Global Solutions Ltd. 

IBK Infotech Global Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to within a short notice the renewal fees to keep up with current costs and conditions of operation.

Wallet Funding

All wallets associated with Zewadare are funded using third-party financial institution’s auto-wallet instant funding services. We are not in control of the financial services and so we do not give any sort of assurances that wallets funding would be instant. You might be required to contact your bank for refund should there be issues of failed wallet funding attempts.


Modifications and Updates

IBK Infotech Global Solutions reserves the sole right to modify and carry out updates (if possible and necessary) on core features and services on the portal/app at fees commensurate with the requested update and as determined by IBK Infotech.

cPanel Access

IBK Infotech shall UNDER NO CONDITION grant user requests for cPanel credentials and administration transfer.

Accounts Compromise and Security

Login passwords of portal/app administrators and users are encrypted from administration/user end before being stored in our server. IBK Infotech Global Solutions Ltd does not have access to these passwords and therefore cannot initiate transactions on administrator or user accounts.

It is the sole responsibility of the administrator/users to ensure that login credentials and devices are kept safe and not accessible to third-parties.

IBK Infotech shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized access to administrator backend or user accounts resulting in loss of funds.

Products Purchase

The Service provides you (and your users) with the platform to purchase Products from various merchants (“TELCOs”). These Merchants sell their respective Products subject to their own terms and conditions. If you choose to purchase the products, you do so pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions of your mobile telecommunications provider. 

The process of purchase and delivery is automated and programmed to be instant (subject to TELCO network availability and stability). However, we do not assure you of instant delivery. We would not be liable for multiple charges on user accounts resulting from user-induced (intentional or erroneous) duplicate transactions and requests. 

Refund Policy

Refund requests shall not be granted for Products purchases already initiated; whether completed/delivered or still in progress.


You agree and acknowledge that where the funds in your Zewadare wallet have been flagged as or are suspected of being fraudulent in nature, IBK Infotech may immediately suspend your account and retain the funds pending an investigation.