The Virtual Top up Reselling Business Model That Generates Daily Income for Non Techie

This is a fast and easy way to operate and profit in the virtual top up reselling business without tying down your cash.


Why Virtual Top Up Reselling?

Anyone looking for a steady legitimate source of income can venture into virtual top up reselling since it does not require technical skills or experience. You don't even need a laptop to be successful in this business; an internet enabled phone is enough.

Virtual Top up reselling is a very profitable business and you earn instantly.
You earn instant profits by reselling airtime, data bundles, cable TV subscriptions (Startimes, GOtv, DStv), Result checker PINs (WAEC/NECO).

In VTU reselling, You don't need any certification or a big business name to do that.

To make reasonable profits in reselling airtime and data recharge services, cable TV subscriptions, Result checker PINs, you must have a working capital of at least N250,000 to N1,000,000 which you will need to stock up airtime and data. Of course, this is really a huge investment.

However, with ZEWADARE, you will not need such a working capital because you will NEVER need to stock up. You will have your own virtual top up reselling business setup once and you will continue to earn!


Virtual Top up Reselling With Zero Funding

With ZEWADARE, you will have your own easy-to-use portal to resell airtime and data for all networks (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE), Cable TV subscriptions (Startimes, GOtv, DStv), Result checker PINs (WAEC, NECO) without any initial deposit or funds in your own wallet. Yes! You read that correctly.
You resell at your own price and keep the profits! Isn't that simple?

All-in-one features of Zewadare

Stop wasting time and money on system that does not give results. Happiness guaranteed!

Zero Wallet Funding

You do not operate any wallet to resell all these services (airtime, data, cable tv subscriptions, result checker) to your customers. The only wallet you have is for your earnings!

Resell for All Networks

Airtime and Data bundles are available for MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL at cheap rates.

Discount Cable TV Subscriptions

Resell Startimes, GOtv, DStv bouquets at discounts.

Result Checker PINs

You are able to instantly resell WAEC result checker and NECO result tokens

Easy Customization

In simple clicks, you can change portal theme color, upload your banner, logo/icon. You can even add text to the user dashboard.

Apps for Android and IOS

Automatically create PWA of your reseller portal for Android and IOS apps in a single click which your users can download to their phones.

Instant Earning

Your earnings are settled to your master wallet instantly which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Instant User Wallet Funding

Your users can fund their wallets instantly and at any time using an automated virtual account.

Unlimited User Accounts

No limits to the number of users that can register on your portal.

Multi User Levels

You can set up many and different user levels and pricing. For instance, you can set up a user level to buy 1GB at ₦240 while another level buys 1GB at ₦250.


With the possibility of setting up multiple user levels, you can upgrade/downgrade your users from one level to the other.

User Block

You can allow or deny user access on your portal if you notice any suspicious activity.

Transaction Query

Due to network provider glitches at times, a transaction could take longer than expected. In such case, you and your users are not left in the dark, you can simply query a transaction to get status

System Refund

Refund for failed transaction is processed via the portal, so, there is no argument between you and your users. No hassle!

Spam User Control

The VTU reseller portal hates spammers and does not want them.


Our support channels will be available to attend to issues whenever they arise.

How You Earn With Zewadare

You earn by just reselling. You simply add your own charge to the admin prices available at your back end and make profit. Below are the admin prices;

Airtime & Data
  • MTN VTU Discount=2%
  • MTN 1GB=₦267
  • MTN 2GB=₦534
  • MTN 3GB=₦801
  • MTN 5GB=₦1335
  • MTN 10GB=₦2670
Airtime & Data
  • AIRTEL VTU Discount=2.5%
  • AIRTEL 500MB=₦150
  • AIRTEL 1GB=₦290
  • AIRTEL 2GB=₦580
  • AIRTEL 5GB=₦1450
  • AIRTEL 10GB=₦2900
  • AIRTEL 15GB=₦4350
  • AIRTEL 20GB=₦5800
Airtime & Data
  • GLO VTU Discount=6%
  • GLO 500MB=₦130
  • GLO 1GB=₦245
  • GLO 2GB=₦490
  • GLO 3GB=₦735
  • GLO 5GB=₦1225
  • GLO 10GB=₦2450
Airtime & Data
  • 9MOBILE VTU Discount=2.5%
  • 9Mobile 25MB (1 Days) ₦48.75
  • 9Mobile 100MB (1 Days) ₦97.5
  • 9Mobile 650MB (1 Days) ₦195
  • 9Mobile 1GB (1 Days) ₦292.5
  • 9Mobile 500MB (30 Days) ₦487.5
  • 9Mobile 1.5GB (30 Days) ₦975
  • 9Mobile 2GB (30 Days) ₦1170
  • 9Mobile 7GB (7 Days) ₦1462.5
  • 9Mobile 4.5GB (30 Days) ₦1950
  • 9Mobile 11GB (30 Days) ₦3900
  • 9Mobile 15GB (30 Days) ₦4875
  • 9Mobile 40GB (30 Days) ₦9750
  • 9Mobile 75GB (30 Days) ₦14625

What You Will Get With Zewadare Package

  • Virtual Top up Reselling Portal
  • 1 year domain registration
  • 1 year portal hosting
  • SSL installation
  • Startimes Discount: 1%
  • Gotv/Dstv Discount: 0.5%
  • WAEC Result Checker = ₦3850.00
  • NECO Result Token = ₦1200.00
  • PWA Module to automatically convert your portal to Android and IOS apps

Ready to set up your Zero Wallet VTU reselling business?

Grab the ZEWADARE PACKAGE now at a special offer price ₦150,000.

Why You Should Get Zewadare Now!

This is one of the reliable solutions that allows you to earn in VTU business without prefunding.
Also, this is a special price and might be increased at any time.

Start reselling airtime and data for all networks (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE) with your own custom reseller portal and earn without funding your portal wallet.
See samples here; www.heavymobilebiz.com, www.airtimewealth.com , www.specialdataportal.com, www.sumrecharge.com


After payment, you will be redirected to a page where you will submit other required details.
Your virtual top up reselling portal will be setup within 48-72 business hours.

Please ensure you read the terms of service here

Please note that it is possible you check this exact page tomorrow only to discover that the price has gone up or the offer is no longer available.